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Accounting opens doors. 

With demand so robust, accounting involves far more than closing the books and counting the beans. With the advent of Sarbanes Oxley and other regulatory watersheds, accounting has assumed a crucial and highly visible role at all public companies.  As a result of this new profile firms often consider professionals on the accounting staff to fill senior-level opportunities on the trading desk of an investment bank or the marketing department of a top media firm.  With a foundation in accounting, there’s no telling what direction your career can take.

We currently have dozens of openings with all of the major investment banks, several top players in asset management, boutique private equity and hedge funds, media conglomerates, Fortune 50 consumer products firms, and dozens of smaller players in multiple specialties.  Whatever your industry focus, Axiom Solutions has the resources to get you in the door.

Our open positions range from Audit to Mergers and Acquisitions consulting, Equity Research, Trade Operations, Product Control, and Strategic Planning.  We have specialists in the areas of Taxation and Asset Management, two areas with particularly strong growth prospects for future years.  Many of the candidates we place elect to move on to non-accounting roles such as Sales and Trading, HR and Marketing.  Many others find ample career advancement within the profession.   In either case the consultants at Axiom are ready to help you plot your course.